Over $191.6 Million in Pending / Closed Sales...


Allow me to introduce myself. I am Boyd E. Jeffery, owner and president of William Shaw Real Estate Services, a Boyd E. Jeffery Inc. company. I have been handling real estate transaction in the South Bay since 1997. I burst onto the real estate scene with Century 21, A First Choice Realty and broke every sales record within the company in the first 6 months. I was offered ownership of the company within a year and I formed First Choice Brokers in Hermosa Beach shortly after which has been a model for real estate ever since.

With over 186.2 million in sales I have gained the confidence of many trusting and happy clients over the years. Traditionally, through excessive media advertising I have been able to represent both buyers and sellers and my marketing efforts have been used to teach agents new to the business at other brokerages. I was never afraid to make a mistake with the knowledge that I could learn and therefore pass along this invaluable experience to my clients who look to me to handle their real estate and financial needs. I have many clients that started out with one simple purchase such as a condominium in Redondo Beach, and with careful planning every few years; we have purchased and sold bigger, more desirable properties. This plan has allowed many clients to end up in their dream home several years later purchased from the proceeds as we went along. It was these carefully executed strategies that ultimately led Boyd Jeffrey Inc. to merge an investment and development group with a full service real estate company now called; William Shaw Real Estate Services.

A Boyd Jeffries Inc. company has taken the time to develop strategies to build wealth through real estate within the Manhattan Beach and South Bay areas. This type of educated, personal attention has led to many, many anxious referrals to Boyd E. Jeffery Inc. and ultimately into homeownership. It is a fresh, positive way to build wealth in America and for people to live their dreams through their family’s happiness and success. To live in a home, in the area you want to live in, while sending your children to the schools you want them to attend is the ultimate goal for Boyd Jefferies and my company.

Boyd Jeffrey is the source for real estate in the South Bay.


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